The Vitamix

Okay, so you’re probably wondering – is it really worth it? We thought the same thing.

For what is essentially a blender the price is pretty HUGE, and probably one you don’t think you can justify.

So why would you take the plunge?

Well our decision came out of frustration more than anything else. After having 3 blenders break on us in a extremely short space of time, the 3rd breaking the same day it was purchased, we decided enough was enough, there had to be a better option.

Enter the Vitamix.

Vitamix TNC

Vitamix TNC with extra Dry Container

Going from £20 blenders to something that’s going to cost you around £500 isn’t a decision to make on a whim. Until we got a Vitamix we didn’t truly understand how much it would actually change what and the way we make food. Making nut milks, smoothies, soups, ice creams, sauces, butters and so on were no longer chore, they became a breeze. You can go from chunky to smooth nut butters, or chunky to unbelievably smooth & silky soups in a matter of seconds. You no longer have to fiddle about straining nut milks as the Vitamix’s results are smooth enough you wonder if there’s any point in straining it. You can throw in a bunch of frozen ingredients and have ice cream or sorbet in seconds, and not worry about breaking or jamming your blender. Even if you did some how manage to break it, Vitamix’s have a warranty up to 7 years!

You find yourself wanting to make different things and actually being enthusiastic about it. In next to no time you’ve stocked up the fridge, freezer, and cupboards with all sorts of things. And when you think how much you’re saving as opposed to buying the store bought equivalent you soon realise the Vitamix will actually pay for itself in no time. Plus you have the added satisfaction of knowing you’ve made something from scratch, how fresh it is, and exactly what’s in it.

There are loads of different models to choose from, so maybe the actual decision is which one do I buy?! Think about you’re needs and what you plan to use the Vitamix for, some of the models feature presets making life even easier so it depends how hands on you like to be. Ultimately it also depends what your budget is! If you shop around you should be able to get a good deal, or some extras thrown in like the dry container which isn’t essential but it’s nice to have.

So would we recommend a Vitamix? HELL YEAH! We use ours multiple times a day and actually wonder how we managed without one.