Tofu Press – The Tofu Box


‘The Tofu Box’ – perfectly designed & well built.


‘The Tofu Box’ – adding weight to the top ‘presses’ your tofu.

We’ve been wanting to make our own tofu for ages, we eat LOADS of it! It’s a great source of protein, plus it’s so versatile; you can use it for cheesecakes, quiches, shakes, ice creams, you can roast it, bake it, braise it, scramble it, or simply slice & fry it. The possibilities are endless.

Because we love it so much we are always running out of it, and when you really want some tofu it’s bloody annoying if you don’t have any in or a shop nearby that sells it. And unless you have a Chinese supermarket nearby it can be pretty expensive to buy.

There are various bits of equipment you can make tofu from but essentially all you need is a press or box, soy milk (straight from the carton works great), and coagulant (you don’t even need anything special or hard to source – lemon juice or apple cider vinegar produces great results), but we’ll go through the process of making tofu another time.

Our choice of tofu press is ‘The Tofu Box’.

We love the simplicity of it, 3 pieces of wood, that’s it! It has an authentic look & feel to it as well, it’s how we imagined a tofu press to look. And as you would expect with its simple design it’s very simple to use. It also comes with a cheese cloth and instruction booklet, so you’re all set to start making tofu.


‘The Tofu Box’ – 3 pieces of wood & a cheese cloth, simplicity itself.

The Tofu Box comes in 3 sizes starting at £24.99 (with free postage & packing) which is more expensive than the plastic versions, but cheaper than some of the other wooden versions, plus considerably cheaper than buying a press & soy milk maker (which isn’t actually necessary if you already have a blender and a pan!). The Tofu Box is also handmade in London, England, from PFEC certified timber sourced from sustainably managed forests, and feels really solid so you know it’s going to last. When using a litre of milk the smallest size box produces a decent sized block of tofu, enough for 2 generous servings. Plus when you make tofu from scratch you can control how firm it is, allowing you to use it in more recipes. You can also flavour the tofu as you press it, so no more paying crazy prices for smoked tofu, pizza tofu, or garlic & herb tofu!

You can buy ‘The Tofu Box’ directly from their website or through Amazon & ebay.

Tofu Power!